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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. The Staircasea docuseries that focuses on the trial of Michael Peterson for the murder of his wife Kathleen, is considered by many to be a true crime masterpiece. Two more episodes were filmed inwhen Peterson was granted a new trial, and three more were filmed in The entire 13 episodes that make up the documentary are now streaming on Netflix.

And while The Staircase remains as engrossing today as when it first aired, it's not meant to be an objective work of journalism. Rather, it's a narrative — an important narrative that examines our flawed justice system — shaped by the filmmakers. In the plus hours that make up the finished film, certain facts that might complicate or distract from that narrative are elided or left out entirely. These include:. Life is really full of surprises.

Year After Verdict, Life Goes On For People In Mike Peterson Trial

They had a real story, which lasted until May But she never let her own feelings affect the course of editing. Soon after, she quit journalism to pursue a legal degree and now works in the same law firm as her husband. Pfeiffer was criticized during the trial for sending a letter to jurors during deliberations, inviting them to dinner and an interview.

Her news director apologized and said the letter was meant to be sent after deliberations concluded. She told me she believed my sister had fallen down the staircase. The homemade pipe bomb didn't explode or cause any injuries. Clayton was sentenced to a four-year prison term in a federal penitentiary.

This is not how I planned to spend my 50s — going to visit my son in the pen. The Owl Theory. It has since been covered extensively. But because it was never introduced inside the courtroom, I decided not to talk about that theory. Iraq had be. As someone who loves adding personal commentary to films, I miss screening movies with friends.

A lot. If I had to make a list of things I longed for, it w. While the world is scrambling for toilet paper, it feels like there will never be a shortage of movies. Even though Hollywood production has come to a stan.

The sci-fi story is still slated to hit theat. Over the last decade, the demographics in Hollywood have shifted, thanks to an overwhelming push for better on-screen representation by actors and the audi. Original article published below on February This summer. Shailene Woodley has been doing a lot of thinking about what she wants in life. She may be currently self-isolating at home, but it was her role in her mos.He's surrounded by his four children and his brother Bill as they enjoy a birthday dinner together, but this isn't any normal family gathering.

It is, in fact, the midst of a murder trial, and Michael Peterson is the accused. For Michael, his children were his rock throughout the trial that saw him accused of beating his wife Kathleen Peterson to death after she was found, bloody, at the bottom of the stairs one night in December Viewers of Netflix's latest true crime offering, The Staircasewill have seen how his two sons - Todd and Clayton Peterson - along with his two daughters - Martha and Margaret Ratliff, adopted by Michael following the death of their parents - remained steadfast in the opinion that their father was innocent.

But the same couldn't be said for Kathleen's biological daughter, Caitlin Atwater. Initially, she set out protesting her step-father's innocence, but quickly switched sides and ultimately gave evidence on the side of the prosecution. The documentary spans 16 years, where we see the children in Michael and Kathleen's family grow from young students to proper adults with husbands and wives and children. But where are they all now, in the aftermath of everything that happened?

Syd (Gun Free South Africa) l Henk and Clayton Peterson

In the years since she first appeared in the documentary, Caitlin Atwater has picked up another name: Clark. After living in London for a few years together, Caitlin married her husband Christopher Clark in Marchand the pair settled into a private life outside of Durham where she grew up. In The StaircaseCaitlin famously switched allegiance, initially supporting her step-father Michael Peterson in his protests of innocence, but quickly shifting her opinion to become a witness for the prosecution.

In the initial days after her mother's death, Caitlin served as the main spokesperson for her siblings, telling reporters: "My mother and Mike had an absolutely loving relationship and there is no way that either of them would ever wish any sort of harm on the other one". But all that changed before the trial began. I knew what happened to my mom," Caitlin told journalist Ken Fine in an interview 16 years after her mother's death.

After he was found guilty in October of the murder of Caitlin's mother Kathleen, Caitlin went on to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against her former step-father Michael Peterson. Michael Peterson was later released on house arrest inafter a key witness was found to have misreported results in his trial, and he was eventually freed completely when he pleaded guilty to manslaughter using an Alford Plea in February This plea allowed him to avoid a second trial by acknowledging that the prosecution had enough evidence for a voluntary manslaughter conviction, but still maintaining his innocence.

clayton peterson

Michael Peterson insisted he didn't have enough money to pay Caitlin what he owed her in damages, but in October Caitlin's lawyer filed another complaint against him to keep the wrongful-death lawsuit alive. In her private life, Caitlin appears to emulate her mother in her own parenting to her two young twins.

Telling interviewer and long-time friend, Ken Fine, that she had made Halloween costumes for her children and took a picture of them surrounded by pumpkins, she retrieved a similar photograph of herself as a child, also posing at home with pumpkins. His growing family is documented in some of the later episodes of the documentary. His first son, Dorian, visits grandfather Michael in a Durham prison as a baby, shortly before his release to house arrest back in Clay's wife Becky is later seen pregnant with a second child; another boy named Lucien.

As the documentary builds up to its conclusion, with Michael making an Alford Plea over 15 years after the case began, the grandfather is filmed playing happily with his two grandsons, now both young boys.

What The Staircase didn’t tell you about Michael Peterson’s son Clayton

Now 43, Clay reportedly lives with his family in Maryland, United States.Documentary director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade had made it crystal clear that the series was always meant to chronicle the legal process Michael Peterson was subject to and to hold it up to the light.

Even though he later told Metro that he regrets not having it included. Whether you believe the time he spent locked up was justified or not, Michael Peterson is not the only one in the family to have spent time in jail. A quick note here to remind everyone that Clayton Peterson was in no way involved in the death of Kathleen Peterson.

Clayton Peterson was sentenced to four years in the federal penitentiary. During that time it was Michael Peterson doing the prison visits. The Big Stories. Posted on June 28, By Metro. Share Post:. About the Author. Sign up for our daily newsflashes Subscribe. News Saudi Arabia faces coronavirus crisis from position of strength: minister Australia may keep coronavirus restrictions for a year, schools could adopt roster Trump unveils three-stage process for states to end coronavirus shutdown Most U.

More from our Sister Sites. Gay City News. Caribbean Life. Schneps Podcasts. Brooklyn Paper.Prosecutor Jim Hardin said in his opening statement that the Michael Peterson case is about "pretense and appearances.

You'll see the appearance of a storybook marriage From all the appearances, this was a perfect family. But as the old saying goes, appearances can be very deceiving.

Pretense and Appearances. Police said Peterson told operators his wife had been injured in a fall. When rescue workers arrived at the home, Peterson's wife was lying dead on the floor. A search of the property continued through Monday evening and details about what happened remain sketchy. Police will not say what kind of injuries Kathleen suffered. Her body was sent to the state medical examiner's office in Chapel Hill for an autopsy. Durham police said that they would have a better idea of what happened if they could talk with Mike Peterson.

He has chosen not to answer any of our questions," said Lt. Ed Sarvis. Police call the case suspicious and said that they will not rule it a homicide until they receive preliminary autopsy results.

Charlotte Observer Fairy-tale descriptions abound. Michael and Kathleen Peterson's room mansion in fashionable Forest Hills "sprawled. Or he's guilty, and this is the weirdest love relationship on the books. There are many reasons to believe Peterson is innocent.

There seem to be no motive, no weapon, no witness. We saw how they interacted; even when they disagreed, they laughed about it. We never saw the ugliness that one often sees in couples. Kathleen was full of energy and was very bright and was the perfect foil for Michael.

clayton peterson

They were a couple who would finish each other's sentences. In many ways Kathleen completed Michael and it is hard to imagine Michael going on without Kathleen.

It is impossible to believe that Michael Peterson would commit the crime with which he is charged. Just a few weeks before Kathleen's death we had lunch and both agreed that our husbands were perfect for each of us.

Clayton "The first sign that things were not as they appeared at the Peterson house was with the call that he makes on December the 9th, at in the morning. With that phone call he gambles a lot. With that phone call he gambles that the police are as dumb as he thinks they are. With that phone call he gambles that the police would see Kathleen's death as he wanted it to appear and as he wanted them to believe it to be.

As far as I know, that's what happened. Where is your emergency?At Cedar St. New owners want to put the past in its place. What happened between Mike and Kathleen Peterson in the back stairwell will one day be just a memory. For some, that day is a long way off.

Sutton spent nearly every day in the courtroom during Mike Peterson's murder trial. Since then, she has visited him frequently at Nash Correctional Institution. He is doing well. He writes letters. He gets lots of letters from friends and family and strangers," Sutton said. Peterson is now inmate No. With no infractions and a good attitude, prison officials consider him a model inmate. Sutton said Peterson thinks he has a strong case for appeal.

Once the trial transcripts are complete, Maher will file an appeal, possibly by the end of the year. He will attack the Elizabeth Ratliff evidence.

Ratliff died in Germany 20 years ago. Prosecutors claimed her death was similiar to that of Kathleen Peterson's.

Maher believes the Ratliff case had no bearing on the death of Kathleen Peterson. He plans to challenge the Durham Police Department's right to search parts of the Peterson mansion and take his computer. They will remain there until the case is fully solved.

Others who spent months in the courtroom have moved on as well.It seems that every few months, a new true crime show takes over the conversation. But what fans of the genre might not realize is that The Staircasepremiering on June 8 on Netflixactually preceded other renowned docuseries such as The Jinx and Making a Murderer. Directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, the Netflix drop also includes three new episodes, continuing to follow Michael Peterson, a novelist who was accused of murdering his second wife, Kathleen.

clayton peterson

Alongside conversations with Michael, The Staircase also features interviews with his family, including sons Todd and Clayton Peterson. Where are they today, 14 years after the series' first premiere? However, Peterson continues to maintain his innocence. In Februaryrather than go through another trial, he entered an Alford plea for a charge of voluntary manslaughter, which allowed him to maintain his innocence while also acknowledging the strength of the prosecution's case, per the Associated Press.

As for the children, Clayton and Todd are Peterson's sons from his first marriageper Salon. The two also have three sisters. After Ratliff's death inthe Petersons adopted Martha and Margaret. Caitlin Atwater is Kathleen's daughter and Michael's stepdaughter. Clayton and Todd both appear in the original Staircase episodes, supporting their father during his trial.

However, the two men haven't shared much else about their private lives, which is understandable, since they've spent much of the last two decades in the spotlight. And part of me has forgotten a lot of how long it's been because we've just been trying to live in the moment and appreciate what we have. I'm here to support my father. No one can. I am convinced, however, that Michael did not receive a fair trial in The prosecutors pulled out all the stops in order to procure a guilty verdict.

That's not an opinion that everyone shares, as the documentary shows. But his sons are still standing behind Peterson in the final episodes, as the legal ordeal comes to an end.Similarly, keep your anti-virus software up to date. Viruses and malware are created all the time. Your scanning software is only as good as its database. It too must be as up to date as possible. Many of our computers connect to our files, printers, or the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure it requires a password to access it and that the password is strong.

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