Miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette does a backflip

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Thanks to Irke for following the story. Summary: When an akumatized villain strikes the two heroes, they already got to work. But, when the foe's power went haywire, something terrible had happened to Chat Noir. Chat Noir gave out an irritated growl. The minute this…enemy showed up, he already started to be on Noir's nerve. And speaking about crime….

miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette does a backflip

I'm just starting to warm up! How can you catch me if you can't run? While running, he turned around and released his weapon.

From his gun, rope came out of it and Noir had little time to react since it had already tied Noir's ankle, sending him to fall to the ground. Seeing that Noir was on the ground, Shrink ray looked around, finally realizing that something was out of the picture. The poor little hero can capture a villain without his partner? He placed his armed hand in front of him and was about to fire it. But before he could even pull the trigger, another string came into the view and was tied around the armed hand.A small pile of wrinkled balls was forming around her feet, Rose had attempted to snatch the stack away from her yet Chloe persisted in her individual destruction.

We used to be friends! Why are you doing this? Rose is hyperventilating now, and other kids have begun to surround the commotion. She started flailing to catch them, tears streaming down her face. Despite the cackling from Chloe her sobs are loud and clear. Children all around the courtyard started to shout their support, Chloe's face turned a darker shade of red with every syllable. Juleka attempted to place a comforting arm around her shoulder, but she shrugged it off and ran out of the gates of the school.

The first bell rang before anyone had the chance to run after her. Within five minutes the schoolyard had cleared, and Rose's sobs were once again audible. In some room, somewhere in the city, a window let the light in to reveal a suited man surrounded by butterflies.

Nothing makes better prey for my akuma than those who are already stuck in a delusion. He smirked as he placed his black gloved hands over the pure white of the butterfly, releasing a black and purple butterfly that was the exact opposite of the other butterflies in the room. The butterfly flew out of the small gap in the window, and made its way to the dejected teenager. As soon as the butterfly collided with the crumpled flyer in the girl's hand, the darkness spread.

The darkness that had consumed her flyer spread across her body, changing her regular clothes into a sparkling pink ball gown. A tiara fabricated itself upon her head, and wings sprouted out of her back. The flyer transformed itself into one of the key images, a sparkling black wand. Meanwhile, Adrien Agreste was falling asleep in class: again.

In addition to his normal late night activities, he had forgotten about his English essay due today and had been up nearly all night finishing it. He assumed he wasn't the only one either, considering the fact that Marinette had been thirty minutes late to school and looked just as close to collapsing as he did.

The teacher's words were going in one ear and out the other and he honestly couldn't care less. Sure, if his grades slipped even in the slightest his father could pull him out of public school- the last thing that he would ever want- but sleep deprivation gave him additional confidence on the matter. Besides, his tutor had gone over the subject the teacher was droning on about three months ago. Adrien immediately reached for his bag, preparing to run into a utility closet he favored for his transformation.

He saw flashes of pink and green light, and students running past their classroom window. The door burst open before she could finish, and there stood Rose decked out in some renaissance fair outfit.

Dear Diary - Month 1/12 (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction) (MariChat, Friends to Lovers, Slow Paced)

Now you're cosplaying? You are absolutely miserable! In fact, Adrien saw his class abandoning Chloe completely to her fate. Adrien knew he'd be back, but he felt at least a little bit guilty for leaving the mean girl to fend for herself.

As he ran out of the classroom and rounded the corner he saw Alya and Marinette fighting, a rare sight. Alya seemed to be dragging Marinette towards the exit, but Marinette was pulling back towards the action. Adrien starts a little at Marinette's words, losing his rhythm towards his destination. Marinette had always been quiet, yet she was the class president, and he had always admired her selflessness; but this was taking it a little far, even for her.I thought this would be a fun story to write.

Enjoy the story. Shouted at. Called mean things. A liar. This was Marinette's life. Lila stupid Rossi. If she could kill one person, that would be Lila. Suddenly, Alya pushed me back and Marinette fell backwards. Now everyone's attention was caught. Adrien, Kim and Alix ran up to the area. Alya and Marinette were screaming, crying and pushing each other. Marinette easily broke free from Alix but was having trouble with Adrien.

Minutes later, they stopped shouting and went their own ways. Marinette sobbing her eyes out while Alya screaming her head off. Nino and Adrien decided that it was best if they sat next to the girls, with one at the back and the other at the front. Nino did not speak to Adrien about happen, saying it wasn't their business. All he wanted to do was fix this mess, this miss understanding.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette does a backflip

He was certain that Lila had something to do with this, or Chloe, but he doubt Chloe did anything. Adrien was going crazy. Everyone was hating on Marinette, everything was Marinette's fault.

Marinette this, Marinette that. He wanted to scream that nothing was Marinette's fault, it was all Lila, but humiliating a bad guy never turned them into a good guy or in this case, girl. Just as he was about to call, he received a message from from an unknown number.

Hi Adrien, this is Marinette. Just letting you know that this is my new number. You know Adrien, I always hated you. You were never my friend. If I was you, I would kill myself. No mother and a father that doesn't care about you plus a loaded schedule. He stood there in shock. Is this really Marinette? It had to be, she said she was getting a new number. He knew it! She was just a fake, just like Alya said. He started to cry, why was Marinette faking this?

Faking being a kind person?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. New miraculous, New secrets, plenty of adventure and a whole lot of sass. Also, Egypt is really cool. To the anonymous Lila: Please find the nearest exit out of my comments as I am not interested in your role play. Thank you. Updates weekly on Wednesday.

An akuma messes with the timeline by switching one distinct and important individual - Marinette Dupain-Cheng. With two black cats in one world and the other world having two ladybugs, Hawkmoth has ruined his and the other Hawkmoth's chances of ever getting the miraculous set unless they can bring the other back to the correct timeline.

Unfortunately, the story won't focus on Hawkmoth banging his head on the wall, but on Marinette who navigates her new environment. Ever since Nino and Alya helped her in the bathroom, Marinette should have expected the protectiveness between the tech couple. What she didn't expect is Adrien adding into the mix. Adrien did a lot of dumb things in his past: shoplifting, keying his dad's car in rebellion, and a bunch of other small tarnishes to his Agreste name.

He didn't think it'd ever come to this; he didn't think she'd retaliate.

Marinette never believed that she was supposed to have a relationship that lasted; her past relationships proved that fact. When she met the blonde supermodel, she went in believing that the paparazzi would be convincing enough for a public breakup, if not in the beginning then more towards the middle.

If you could sectionize their relationship like that. She didn't think he'd do it; she didn't think she had the guts to react. Luka didn't think he'd fall in love with a girl who was in a relationship, yet it happened and he couldn't do anything about it. He fought himself, his heart and his mind for so long before things were broken, words were thrown and a song was made. He didn't think Marinette was capable of this much destruction; he didn't think she'd respond the way she did.

Luka was a hard person to say no to; especially with his -admittedly- sexy voice in her ear and his strong arms around her waist. And, more often than not, she let him do whatever he wanted, even take her away from school for some She could count on him to distract her whenever she stayed in her head for too long.

Chloe has been upping her efforts to get back at Marinette, and Mari ends up with an Akuma. But what if she decides to refuse the Akuma? Marinette is used to bad luck. She welcomes it with open arms when she meets a little black cat at the age of eight. However, she never thought it would get this bad. Plagg's late master isn't so "late," and he's out for blood.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. First Week Back 2. A Fresh Start 3. A Revelation and An Invitation 4.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette does a backflip

Talks 5. Dressmaker 7. The Best Group Chat 8. The Revealer 9. Her Truths His Truths OMMAM Coolest Dad Confidence in Progress Notifying Bullying Wrong Person Sleepover An Unpleasant Surprise Some Guy With Knives A Bittersweet Surprise A Cat and A Bug Christmas Unhandyman I'm new to the miraculous salt train, but I saw Ladybug and couldn't stop myself. I love Marinette's parents but that ending Anyways, enjoy this salt! Marinette clenched her fists to hide her trembling hands.

Lila's lies were spiraling out of control. Her own mother, her own mother was supporting Lila. Are you listening to me? Sabine didn't have to get angry to make Marinette feel awful and apologetic. Today though, today wasn't the same.

Lila had been lying all day at school. She was always lying but today Lila had claimed that Jagged Stone and XY both wanted her to be their muse. Marinette knew immediately it was a lie, XY and Jagged didn't even have the same style!

Moreover, XY didn't even make his own music. Kitty Section knew that. XY had said so in front of them! But they too said nothing, only frowning at Marinette. Adrien had just looked at her, pleading for Marinette to let it go, since she couldn't win. She had. She owed Adrien for getting her back in school, so she stopped fighting. Her irritation hadn't diminished though.

She had worked with Jagged quite often, and knew much of his hatred of XY. If he knew he was being compared to XY, Jagged would be upset enough to get akumatized. As one of the few people who believed in her work, Marinette felt compelled to stand up for his beliefs.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette does a backflip

But knowing no one would believe her, she'd kept quiet. Marinette had come home straight after school where Sabine, having noticed her daughter's bad mood, asked what had happened at school. Marinette had taken the opportunity to tell her mother everything. Sabine though, wouldn't hear of it.

She'd told Marinette that she should let it go. That it wasn't Lila's fault she had a disease causing her to lie and Sabine had raised Marinette to be considerate of other people. How could Marinette then go and attack this poor girl for something she cannot control? Sabine had believed better of Marinette, and she absolutely had to go apologize to Lila tomorrow.

In front of everyone, after how Marinette must have completely humiliated the hapless girl, who despite her many problems fought so hard to do what she loved. Lila's lies had made Marinette become the horrible child in her mother's eyes. Marinette bowed her head, unable to look at Sabine, feeling her eyes burn.

She heard Sabine call after her, but didn't respond, her only destination being her bed. As soon as her door closed, Tikki flew out of her purse. It'll be okay! Marinette took a deep breath after swallowing the lump in her throat. She silently counted to ten, whilst pinching herself, to calm herself down.Marinette and Adrien were so absorbed into their roles that neither one realized that Adrien had just called Marinette a nickname no one had heard but Ladybug and Cat Noir, and that Marinette had just done a backflip to get off-set.

I mean, of course, I'm not ladybug. That would be ridiculous! Have you seen me trip over- trip over- over air?! There is no way-" Alya cut her off. I was just joking! Thank goodness. And all your other stunts? I asked Adrien and he said that he learned stuff from fencing.

Just as she spoke, Adrien rushed past her, muttering something like help me as her left the classroom, pursued by Chloe, Sabrina, and a couple other of their female classmates. Yeah, bye! I've gotta go change! I'll be right back! I thought you went to change. Adrien was still dressed in his Cat Noir costume. The ground vibrated again, cracks stretching across the gym. That could only mean one thing. An abnormal earthquake or, -her theory was proved correct as a figure clad in a yellow flew over into the school- an akuma.

Ignoring the fact that she was dressed as Ladybug, she and Adrien split directions, each trying to transform without the other noticing. Just as she jumped out to meet the akumatized person, Cat Noir joined her from the other side of the locker room.

Marinette missed it, her attention focused on Tremor, but panic flashed across Cat Noir's features. He's… safe. Marinette resisted the urge to smack him upside the head, containing her exasperation in a groan.

Hearing the beeps emanating from his ring, Cat Noir snapped a salute before bounding behind the boy's locker room, disappearing around the corner.

Hearing the warning beep of her earring, Marinette ran into back entrance of the girl's bathroom to transform, catching the bubbly kwami in her hands. But Alya most definitely noticed Ladybug go in and Marinette go out, even if Marinette didn't. Again, whoops. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Marinette and Adrien have been cast as Ladybug and Cat Noir in a class movie. They only have their crushes, pride, and oh. Their alter-egos. They've become careless, and each have let something slip.

What will their classmates think of it? Possible spoilers!

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